The Deep Dive. 17 November 2018

Just a little update. 20 minutes.


#healing #ascension #ego

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Letting Go

Moving forward and letting go. 1 November 2018.

Just a little update on recent experiences. Topics: Mental Health, Christ Consciousness, Ego, Attachments, Self-Realisation, Awakening, Forgiveness, creating New Earth, Healing, Disabilities.

30 minutes #selfrealisation #awakening #newearth #healingĀ

Recommended Channel – Soulogy One Studios

Christ Consciousness and The Law of Attraction. 23 October 2018

1 hour 7 minutes #christconsciousness #ascension #lawofattraction #selfrealisationĀ

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Christ Consciousness and Jesus. 20 October 2018.

Chatting about Christ Consciousness and some videos I recommend on the subject.

Videos by Michael Mirdad
Jesus, the First Christ
Christ Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening
Christ Consciousness: The Hightest Level of Consciousness and How to Awaken It

20 minutes #christconsciousness #michaelmirdad #jesus

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Radical Forgiveness and Healing. Disclosure. 13 October 2018.

“How can I forgive these people?”
The collective trauma.
Will Disclosure traumatise us further?
Self-forgiveness is a portal.
Feel the feelings. Listen to the thoughts.
Transcendence and the vertical path.

19 minutes. #healing #forgiveness #disclosure #trauma #ascension

3 Star Oracle – Gemma Nelson
Conversation with Matt Kahn – Anita Moorjani

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How to heal yourself and others. Please read description for disclaimer. 10 October 2018.

A little chat about recent self-realisation realisations. How to find that balance between infinity and humanity as a light worker and navigate the multi-dimensional self as a realised and simultaneous experience of the One Infinite Creator; Source; playing a role; and being a regular human. How ego seems to work. But most importantly not to allow the mind space to control or attempt to understand what’s going on.

Also discussed. Some healing techniques from my point of view as an empath. And how I can step up my work and ease through self-realisation practice. And is “healing” the right word to use?

Please note: I am not qualified to give medical or psychological advice and do not offer it. I do discuss my own experience and ask you the viewer to treat the subjects discussed to your own inner discernment process and act only on what you know is best for yourself. My own best advice is to find a teacher and follow the vertical path responsibly.

#selfrealisation #ego #infiniteself #healing #ascension #mirroring

22 minutes.

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Healing the Inner Wounded Child with your Higher Self. 21 September 2018

Autumn Equinox update – we are purging.
Matt Kahn teachings – book “Everything is Here to Help You” and free video series
Being kind to our ego, and the ego death.
Healing and Channeling, and being heart centered.
19:30 Healing with your Higher Self. Example – Wounded Child healing.

32 minutes.

Phenomena. Healing. Clearing. 19 September 2018.

Just a little chat. 10 minutes.

Family reunion. 16 September 2018

Disclosure. Letting go. Sightings. Dark night of the soul. Integrating shadow? 25 minutes

Bliss. Exercise. Nature. Healing. 12 September 2018.

A little chat. 13 minutes.

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Moving towards Bliss. 11 September 2018

Self healing through self-realisation. And moving towards bliss. A little round up. 14 minutes.

Videos shared..
(click through for related links and resources)

Sunday Sharing. 2 September 2018.

Sharing some resources I found valuable recently (links below) and a chat about my awakening, ego, service to others, Grace, God, quietness, expanding consciousness, drawing no conclusions about the self, enjoying life, clearing space. 32 minutes.

Being your own master. The mystery of self. A little chat. 3 September 2018

A little chat about being your own master, spiritual seeking, experience over identity, protecting the mystery of self. 22 minutes.

Clearing and creating through Walking. 5 September 2018.

Chatting about a video made by Bentinho Massaro where he talks about the power of walking and making space for the creative process, free will, empowerment, grace.

Barefoot walking. 5 September 2018.

A little follow up chat about the benefits of barefoot walking.

Clearing through the body. 8 September 2018

Exercise, junk food and diet.
Clearing thru the body
Star Trek: Insurrection
A universe inside one moment

11 minutes.

Triggering Disclosure. 9 September 2018

Clearing thru exercise
Life review with other selves and alternate timelines
Clearing ancestral trauma
Building bridges with family
Christianity and belief systems
Inter-generational conflict
Finding common ground
The personal expansion and creating space for healing
The great revealing
Global healing

37 minutes

Aeryn North
North Soul Star
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