The Deep Dive. 17 November 2018

Just a little update. 20 minutes.


#healing #ascension #ego

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Letting Go

Moving forward and letting go. 1 November 2018.

Just a little update on recent experiences. Topics: Mental Health, Christ Consciousness, Ego, Attachments, Self-Realisation, Awakening, Forgiveness, creating New Earth, Healing, Disabilities.

30 minutes #selfrealisation #awakening #newearth #healing

Recommended Channel – Soulogy One Studios

Christ Consciousness and The Law of Attraction. 23 October 2018

1 hour 7 minutes #christconsciousness #ascension #lawofattraction #selfrealisation

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Radical Forgiveness and Healing. Disclosure. 13 October 2018.

“How can I forgive these people?”
The collective trauma.
Will Disclosure traumatise us further?
Self-forgiveness is a portal.
Feel the feelings. Listen to the thoughts.
Transcendence and the vertical path.

19 minutes. #healing #forgiveness #disclosure #trauma #ascension

3 Star Oracle – Gemma Nelson
Conversation with Matt Kahn – Anita Moorjani

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Navigating the bridge. Unravelling the knot of 3D. 12 July 2018.

A chat about choosing experiences in alignment with expansion. Including allowing contracted experiences for healing and integration, and remembering to wake up again. Loving the Ego and other Selves. The paradox of fighting evil, and forgiveness. Serving the mission through transcendence AND integration. Finding the direct vertical path home. 50 minutes.

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Lesson for the day: we gotta stop telling each other that ‘they’ are trying to kill us. there are many veils of truth. dark within light etc.

disclosure is not the destination we need to aim beyond it to the point of total unity