The Deep Dive. 17 November 2018

Just a little update. 20 minutes.


#healing #ascension #ego

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Letting Go

Moving forward and letting go. 1 November 2018.

Just a little update on recent experiences. Topics: Mental Health, Christ Consciousness, Ego, Attachments, Self-Realisation, Awakening, Forgiveness, creating New Earth, Healing, Disabilities.

30 minutes #selfrealisation #awakening #newearth #healingĀ

Recommended Channel – Soulogy One Studios

Christ Consciousness and The Law of Attraction. 23 October 2018

1 hour 7 minutes #christconsciousness #ascension #lawofattraction #selfrealisationĀ

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Christ Consciousness and Jesus. 20 October 2018.

Chatting about Christ Consciousness and some videos I recommend on the subject.

Videos by Michael Mirdad
Jesus, the First Christ
Christ Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening
Christ Consciousness: The Hightest Level of Consciousness and How to Awaken It

20 minutes #christconsciousness #michaelmirdad #jesus

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