Tuning Into Guidance, Internal and External

Tuning Into Guidance, Internal and External. 12 February 2019

“How to find guidance when it seems to have dried up? Becoming even more sensitive. Emotional (HS) guidance and synchronicities. Our guides make sure we see what we need to see even if we ignore the first time…” LINK

Another recent vlog about Guidance

Right Now, All Is Well. 11 February 2019

“Some guidance for the collective about what is going on right now, and how to interpret outside information using your emotional guidance..” LINK

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Announcing Facebook Group for Empowerment and Creativity. 6 January 2019

Quick video to announce a project for empowerment and creativity. It’s a Facebook Group called Soul Star Creators on this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/soul.star.creators/

#empowerment #creativity #spirituality https://youtu.be/Ymm2nMtA1bc

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2018 wrap up

2018 summary: Guidance, Embodiment, Expansion, Ascension. 27 December 2018.

Chat about the year. 48 minutes.

#ascension #consciousness #iam https://youtu.be/SINOAMJqhhA


The video above does quite a good job of wrapping up the year for me. How it’s all been about guidance, and becoming – embodying/being – my own best teacher, with plenty of support from divine guides and God, along the way. More recent vlog posts from the YouTube channel are below.

Wishing you a great year ahead. With love, Aeryn x

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How to ‘cope’ with Mandela Effect and Reality Shifts. 20 December 2018

Just a chat about the Mandela Effect, and reality shifts. How to ‘handle’ them, what do they mean? How does this relate to the reality someone else experiences and how this affects our relationships. And a little chat about God at the end. 🙂

#mandelaeffect #timelines #god 37 minutes https://youtu.be/p5UR5nd0E0w

What discernment means and what it doesn’t mean. 16 December 2018

Just a little chat about discernment and truth. And how to keep ego out of it.

#discernment #truth #disclosure 18 minutes https://youtu.be/xonD-osm1mM

Dreamtime. Lucid dreaming. Alternate selves. Guides and Assistance. 16 December 2018.

Just an update on experiences whilst my body is sleeping. Following on from the last video with more infos. Just personal experiences and stories.

#luciddreams #guides #multidimensionality #ascension https://youtu.be/BEsO2liw-FI

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A new dimension of lucid dreaming. Choosing to keep a memory of meeting a non-human. 12 December 2018

A chat about a recent ‘dreamtime’ experience where I met a non-human, became lucid during the experience and was allowed to keep the memory.

#luciddreaming #consciousness #ascension 40 minutes https://youtu.be/IqgW94wepd0

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Timelines. Multidimensionality. Letting Go.

Chat about timelines. 2 December 2018

Just a chat. Mandela effects. Converging timelines. Alternates selves. Letting go for grounding, and purity. Consent and permission. Upcoming video: UFOs, experiences and awakening.

#mandelaeffect #timelines #ascension 30 minutes https://youtu.be/HMqrfpaDGLU

Being over Doing. 20 November 2018

More about letting go and recent experience. Just a chat. 10 minutes.

#ascension #awakening #spirituality https://youtu.be/Ze2bHByQi1k

Flickr ~ https://www.flickr.com/photos/aerynnorth/

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The Journey to the Infinite Self as a Transgender Being. 4 November 2018.

Topics: Awakening to the Infinite Self. Disabilities. Identity and ego. The purification of ego and letting go of attachments. Other selves. Co-creation. Relationships. Mirror beings. Oneness and Unity is not about conformity. Giving up attachments is not about the end of individuality. All experience is valid and desired. I’m a transgender being, not doing.

Is transgender some kind of conspiracy?

#awakening #ego #identity #transgender #disability

1 hour 15 minutes https://youtu.be/6N_T6kL9LwU

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