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Topics include: Global Awakening, Self Realisation, Ascension, True Healing, Contact, Transmissions, Community, New Humanity, New Earth, Nova Gaia, Peace on Earth, 5D, Unconditional Love, Spiritual Teachings, The Law of One, Expanded Consciousness, and related things.


My name is Aeryn, and I live in Manchester, UK. Although a somewhat spiritual person since childhood, I had an awakening Summer 2017 after a few years of trying to find myself and my purpose. I realised experientially my true self, and that I am the creator of my own reality and so it went from there. I started connecting with my higher self and other ‘higher’ beings and began channeling transmissions from them. I realised I am a healer and began energy healing (Reiki) on myself as I started to raise my level of consciousness. Its a work in progress and the expansion continues daily. My purpose is to assist humanity in my own way to help realise a new era of peace on this beautiful planet.

Generally I share by telling my own personal story – mainly in video blog format – through my own subjective viewpoint. I share resources, transmissions, messages, healing, and a portion of the truth.

This is a continuation of a blog I was running on a Facebook page, to be closed down shortly. My personal Facebook profile remains my primary place to publish and interact. But due to the page closing and moving stuff around on my YouTube and so on, a lot of previous content is unavailable right now. I will be republishing that as I go along.

Apart from all this, I call myself an artist and have a website at aeryn.online (in progress also).

I accept donations to my PayPal with thanks.

20 August 2018

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