Aeryn North

Hi, my name is Aeryn, and I live in Manchester, UK.


In the Summer of 2017, I experienced an awakening. Something that had being trying to come through for years, and in all my pain and suffering I could finally see something that made sense in a world that to me had stopped making sense a long time ago.

And so my Awakening began. A journey back to myself, my true being, my integrated and healed self. A journey many, many of us share. The Awakening of Humanity has begun. And so it continues..


I post regular blogs (or vlogs) on my YouTube channel and in this way I serve as a wayshower and share activations for viewers. I have a Newsletter (that hosts a podcast – currently on hiatus), and I share my experiences elsewhere on social media. This website serves as an aggregation of snippets and YouTube videos I share.

Topics for this project include: Global Awakening, Self-Realisation, Ascension, New Paradigm, True Healing, Contact, Transmissions, Community, New Humanity, New Earth, Nova Gaia, Starseeds, Extra-Terrestrials, Angels, Extra-Dimensionals, Peace on Earth, 5D, Unconditional Love, Spiritual Teachings, The Law of One, Expanded Consciousness, and related things.

This website is a work in progress, so please check back this homepage sometime for updates. But content is mainly presented in blog format, in open, personal style.

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